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STHM Students Accepted in Salamander Scholars Program

By: Courtney Kubitza
First Published: January 10, 2019
Topics: STHM School, Student Stories, Tourism & Hospitality

This year marked the inaugural year for the Salamander Hotel and Resorts Scholars Program, an amazing, hands-on opportunity for students studying at Temple University’s School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM).

The students accepted into the program have the opportunity of interning on-site for their summer junior internship, as well as their full-time senior internship. This year, two STHM students studying tourism and hospitality management were accepted–Julianne Garback and Raeanna Woodall.

On top of their internship experience, the students will work tournaments, festivals and events during their spring, summer and fall breaks. This training will teach them the proper skills needed to understand and excel in “the Salamander way”–how to give formal customer experience at the specialized luxury hotel and resort.

Students have the opportunity to encounter a full spectrum of the tourism industry and become a part of the Salamander Hotel and Resorts community. The students are able to build upon what they learned with their 2.5 years with Salamander, allowing them to become fully prepared for employment by the time they graduate.

“I am so excited to be apart of the Salamander Scholars program. Not many college students get the opportunity to learn first hand from a luxury brand resort such as Salamander,” Raeanna Woodall exclaims. “The rotational role that I will be taking in the summer will give me knowledge about multiple sectors of the resort that I look forward to implementing in my future career as an Event Manager or something similar.”

After graduating from STHM and a successful completion of the program, students will be offered a full-time position at one of the Salamander resorts.

Salamander Hotels and Resorts is an independent luxury hotel and resort brand with locations in Destin, FL., Middleburg, VA., Orlando, FL., St. Augustine, FL., Tampa Bay, FL. and one opening up in Charleston, SC.

We congratulate Julianne Garback and Raeanna Woodall and wish them good luck as they continue their education both at Temple University and Salamander.

“I want to thank STHM and Salamander as they have been so helpful in the process,” shares Woodall. “I could not feel more supported.”

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