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The Sport Industry Research Center (SIRC) at Temple University is a collaborative research center providing marketing and management services to enhance the economic, social and environmental sustainability of sport.

Founded in 2008, SIRC conducts and disseminates research, educates and trains executives, and functions as a think tank and informational resource for those involved in sport and related industries.

Our Expertise

By drawing on the diverse expertise of its faculty, SIRC offers research and consulting services to help organizations and individuals in the sport and recreation industry achieve their goals.

Economic Impact

SIRC analyzes the spending by the organizers of an event and its attendees, to reveal impact on the host city's economy.

Media and Social Media

SIRC assesses clients’ publicity surrounding an event, to reflect the local and global reach of a brand—from broadcast publicity to social media on diverse platforms.

Sport For Development

SIRC provides quantitative, qualitative, geospatial and social network analyses on the impact of SFD initiatives seeking to promote social outcomes.

Brand Image

SIRC consults on strategies for positioning a brand at an event, using detailed findings on consumer perceptions and behavioral intentions.

Sport Governance

SIRC’s in-depth assessments for athletic departments, associations and corporate partners inform key decision-making and governance in intercollegiate athletics, from infractions and staff trainings to safety of student-athletes.

Event Experience

SIRC's customized research provides recommendations based on attendees’ event satisfaction—and implications for their attendance at future events.

Sport Leadership

SIRC’s sport leadership programs, offered both in-person and online, improve the skills of coaches and other program staff seeking to impact the lives of young athletes.


SIRC analyzes consumers’ changing perceptions of a sponsored brand—at an event as well as over time—and the impact of external factors, to provide clarity around the sponsor’s ROI.

Our Clients

We partner with international businesses, sport and event organizations, and the education sector to provide research as well as strategic marketing and management.

Our Team

Our distinguished faculty conducts and publishes on an array of cutting-edge research initiatives, and actively disseminates these findings and managerial best practices throughout the field. Faculty play a hands-on role in training the center’s cadre of graduate students.


Graduate Students

  • Bernat Garcia Badia

    Bernat Garcia Badia

    Graduate Extern

  • Pegah Sarkoohi

    Pegah Sarkoohi

    Ph.D. Student

  • Francesco Caldara

    Francesco Caldara

    Graduate Extern

  • Xinyi Yang

    Xinyi Yang

    Ph.D. Student

  • Hayden Bethea

    Hayden Bethea


Our Research

SIRC provides thought leadership and industry insights. The center acts as a research hub for academia and sport industry professionals by producing and disseminating research insights.

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We are eager to hear from you about research opportunities, consulting services, or the possibility of working with the center.

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