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Event Leadership Executive Certificate

The School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality (STHM) Event Leadership Executive Certificate is the only award-winning certificate program designed to increase marketable event planning skills and prepare individuals for future success in the industry.

Innovative Curriculum

Our award-winning curriculum is developed by industry experts with decades of experience in event management. With next level thinking designed for professionals to hit the ground running, our program gives you practical application through real-world projects, an externship, and innovative coursework. With maximum flexibility in courses, you’ll find easy balance to continue your profession while taking the next step towards this exciting career.

Courses & Requirements

The Event Leadership Executive Certificate coursework includes six courses made up of three required courses and three electives, completion of 50 – 75 hours of an externship, and submission of a professional portfolio consisting of a detailed description of an event from concept through completion.

Application and Registration Information

The Event Leadership Executive Certificate is perfect for professionals already in the events industry or those looking to break into this exciting career.

Admission Requirements
  • Submission of official application form.
  • High school graduate.
  • Desire to gain experience in event planning, event management or related fields.
  • Commitment to further education within the events industry.

The Event Leadership Executive Certificate program is offered through Temple University Continuing Education Systems. Sign up for the registration course to get started today.

Get Started

Paying for Your Certificate

Two payment options are offered for this certificate program.

  • Pay as you go which requires a one time $100 registration fee at the beginning of the program and then you pay $425 for each class that you take. At the end when you submit your executive portfolio project, you will pay a $185 review fee. Total cost equals $2,835.
  • Pay in full with 10% discount totaling $2,550– this comes with a free Special Events textbook valued at $89 (can be purchased if you decide not to pay in full).

Request Information

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