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Center for Industry Engagement

Industry Resources and Services

Engage Experienced Owls

STHM engages our Owls far beyond their time in STHM as students. We offer a number of ways that industry can both empower and benefit from in engaging all of our talented STHM Community from our young owls as current students and recent graduates to our amazing alumni, our Professional Owls.

Get involved today and help STHM Owls take flight!

Engage STHM Students: Our Young Owls

Promote part time job and/or volunteer opportunities for students to participate – Email us at along with an overview of the organization and experience, the requirements, and how interested students can apply

Connect with your next student intern – All STHM undergraduate and graduate students are actively seeking part time and full time internships as part of their academic experience in STHM. We host student interns every fall, spring and summer semesters.

Promote your internship opportunity – email us at with your job posting including an overview of the organization, the role (responsibilities and requirements), and how interested students can apply to the role

Participate in our annual STHM Student Career Fair – Email us at to be added to our industry partner invitation list for all future career fairs and professional development program

Come to campus! Interested in hosting an on campus or virtual corporate recruiting session? Email us at for more information and to schedule your event.

Develop a graduate externship, hire an extern

Click here to review our externship program overview. Please email Andrew Lovell, for more information and questions.

Contact us to review our externship program overview. Please email Andrew Lovell, for more information and questions.

The Center for Industry Engagement (CIE): Fostering Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development

The Center for Industry Engagement (CIE) extends its commitment beyond simply cultivating future leaders within the dynamic fields of sport, recreation, events, hospitality, and tourism. We recognize the importance of lifelong learning and professional development for the continued success of our industry’s entire workforce.

Investing in All Stages of a Career: The CIE goes beyond traditional student support. We offer a comprehensive suite of resources and programs designed to benefit professionals at all stages of their careers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Partnering for Industry Impact: We recognize the invaluable role industry partners play in shaping the future of these sectors. The CIE fosters strong collaborative relationships with organizations like yours to co-create unique programming. This collaborative approach ensures that our offerings:
Address Industry Needs: We develop programs that target specific industry challenges and skill gaps, equipping your teams with the knowledge and tools needed for success.

Enhance Employee Engagement: The CIE creates engaging and informative programs that contribute to employee development and overall workforce satisfaction.
Exploring Partnership Opportunities:
If you are interested in learning more about the resources, programming, and partnership opportunities available through the CIE, please contact Andrew Lovell at We look forward to collaborating with you to cultivate a future-ready workforce for the sport, recreation, events, hospitality, and tourism industries.

Corporate Philanthropy

Any questions or inquiries please contact Andrew Lovell, Director, Partnerships & Engagement