STHM 2025:

Lead, Impact, and Transform

Over the past two decades, Temple University’s School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) has earned a reputation as an educational leader in the industries we serve. This plan builds on the strong foundation we’ve built by focusing on the student experience, producing impactful research and fostering meaningful partnerships with industry.

Now more than ever there’s a need for those who are Temple Made and STHM Strong. This historic time—for the world, for our industries and for higher education—presents an unparalleled opportunity to leverage our strengths and insights in order to help our students as well as our industries thrive, as they overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

This plan is a living document—a tool we’re using to actively shape the next phase of the evolution of our school. It captures and redefines what distinguishes us—and articulates how we position ourselves, given the steep and winding path that lies ahead for all of us today.

Here are new ways to partner with the student body, our alumni, the faculty, staff and our many partners as we find new ways to live up to the promise of this plan. Together we can rise to the challenges of this exciting, if uncertain, time.

You’re critical to all of our success to date, and to us realizing the full potential of the vision this document lays out. Individually and collectively, we’re ready to launch the next phase of adventure for the school, which inspires so much pride in all of us.

We’ll expand our role as a leader and continue to be ambitious, determined and resilient—in new and crucial ways.

Our Foundational

Strategic Pillars

Impactful Research

Develop structures and dedicate resources that advance impactful research to benefit the communities STHM serves.

Putting It in Action

Excellence in Translational Research Research, Impact, Productivity & Culture
Inclusive Culture

Respect the uniqueness of our stakeholders so we benefit from their rich and diverse perspectives and experiences.

Putting It in Action

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Underrepresented Student Recruitment & Retention Workplace Culture Diversity in Professional Recruitment Employee Professional Development and Lifelong Learning
Transformational Education

Create innovative academic experiences that meet industry needs and anticipate future trends.

Putting It in Action

Educational Innovation International Programs Enhancement of Student Services
Industry Engagement‌

Identify opportunities to create meaningful collaborations that position the school as the partner of choice.

Putting It in Action

Partnership Development Programs Industry Credentialing and Training Programs Alumni Professional Development

Our Vision

The inspiration and empowerment of people through transformational experiences.

Our Mission

To be globally recognized for developing leaders in sport, tourism and hospitality from diverse backgrounds, producing impactful research and advancing communities.

STHM Values

STHM is guided by the following core values that reflect our existence within academia and industry. Our values serve as a clear message to our stakeholders that we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education, research and service.


We are dedicated to supporting students along their journey by creating experiences that ensure both personal and professional achievement and success.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We respect our diverse stakeholders for the rich and unique perspectives they bring. We are committed to providing an open, safe and supportive environment that encourages all to bring their authentic selves, learn and grow with us.

Community Engagement

We believe in impactful community engagement through collaborative partnerships resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes.


We believe in innovation as the foundation for exceptional traditional and online learning environments, cutting-edge and impactful research, and creative thinking that offers dynamic solutions for and with our stakeholders.


We believe in cultivating an environment built on respect, collegiality, trust and transparency.


We support members of our community, by providing them with the experiences and resources they need to learn, develop and succeed. Our focus is building capacity for lifelong learning and engagement.

A group of Temple University students

Culture Statement

STHM students, staff and faculty from diverse backgrounds come together to create a welcoming and inclusive community focused on transforming individuals into influencers and leaders. Investing in those initiatives and activities that are innovative, entrepreneurial and represent the highest level of impact to all our stakeholders, we strive to create an environment known for its commitment to excellence, collegiality and collaboration. We are dedicated to the success of all members of the STHM community; a community that is strong, diverse, connected and proud.

Key Initiatives

All initiatives

Impactful Research

Inclusive Culture

Transformational Education

Industry Engagement

Alumni Professional Development

Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Educational Innovation

Workplace Culture

Excellence in Translational Research

Industry Credentialing & Training Programs

Partnership Development Programs

Student Services Expansion

Research, Impact, Productivity & Culture

Employee Professional Development & Lifelong Learning

International Programs

Underrepresented Student Recruitment

Diversity in Professional Recruitment















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Meet the Committee

We would like to recognize all of our Strategic Planning Committee members for their hard work and efforts in setting the path for STHM’s future and beyond.

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