Internship Program

The Internship Program in the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) is a beneficial experience for both students to gain experience and for employers to work with the future talent of the industry. All students in the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management are required to complete at least one internship experience in their course of study. The information below is designed to provide more information about the internship program and how employers are able to partner to provide internship opportunities. For any questions about the internship program, please feel free to
contact us.

Program Overview

  • Student Requirements
    • Undergraduate
      • Internship I — Junior level internship experience worth three (3) academic credits which consist of a minimum of 180 hours at an internship location over the course of the semester.
      • Internship II — Senior level internship experience worth ten (10) to twelve (12) academic credits which consists of 600 hours (40 hours per week) at an internship location over the course of the semester.
    • Graduate
      • The graduate internship experience is worth three (3) academic credits which consist of a minimum of 180 hours at an internship location over the course of the semester.
  • Timing
    • All students will search for their internship at least one semester prior to when they will be officially registered for the course. The STHM Internship Program is offered every semester:
      • Fall Semester — 15 weeks – Timeframe: Late August – Early December
      • Spring Semester — 15 weeks – Timeframe: Late January – Early May
      • Summer Semester &mdashl 12 weeks – Timeframe: Mid-May – Mid August
  • Supervision
    • All students who are officially registered for academic credit will be assigned to a University Supervisor throughout the semester. The role of the University Supervisor is to monitor each students progress throughout the semester and to be a resource to employers for any questions, comments, or concerns.
  • Compensation
    • Internship sites are strongly encouraged to offer a form of compensation to students if possible. Compensation could be offered in various ways such as hourly wage, stipend, covering transportation costs/parking, meals, etc.
  • Miscellanous Information
    • STHM will not approve two STHM students completing the same internship at the same time for academic credit. We are only able to accept one student per department per location. Each STHM intern must have a unique job description and internship supervision to be considered for approval.
    • STHM will not approve home-based or virtual internships. Students must be in an office setting.
    • Due to the volume of internships and student availability we cannot guarantee internship placement at your organization.

Posting Process
Ready to post your internship opportunity to STHM students? Below are the steps and necessary information to post internships

  • Send an internship job description with an overview of the experience to Brandon Mayer ( Make sure to include any information about the organization along with the internship so students are able to learn more about the company. In the internship description the following should be included in order to be sent to students:
    • Job Description — daily tasks, projects, assignments and skills needed to be successful
    • Preferred hours – part-time, full-time, or both available
    • Compensation – paid or unpaid
    • Application process – deadlines, contact person to send resume/cover letter
  • Once the job description is received it will be reviewed to ensure it matches our internship program and students interests. If it is approved it will be posted via our online posting system and students will apply directly if interested.
  • Students will apply for the internships via our online posting system or via your preferred method of application.
  • As interested students apply organizations are able to schedule interviews directly with those students they feel meet their internship requirements.

Approval Process
Offering an internship experience to an STHM student for academic credit? In order to approve it for academic credit STHM requires an Offer Letter and Job Description from the organization on letterhead to review. In this letter it must state the students name, the number of hours they will be interning, the dates they will be at the organization, who they will be reporting to, and their internship job description. This information can be sent to STHM via email ( or via fax 215-204-8705.