Advising Resources

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

DARS is a system used by undergraduate students and their advisors to plan and track a student’s academic career Temple University. Students will be able to use the self-service site to request audits of degree requirements, view coursehistory and review transfer credit evaluations.

Students are advised to consult their DARS after the completion of each semester, at minimum, to review remaining courses and check progress. Students can also check their DARS after they register for courses each semester – in this way, students can see how the classes they registered for will count toward fulfillment of their requirements.

Temple University students can access DARS through To do so, students can select the Student Tools tab, and then, in the Records channel, click on Degree Audit.

Additional DARS student resources can be found here.


Registration Information

Students can find all the information they need about registering for courses (important dates, course listings, how to register, etc) on the Office of The University Registrars’ Guide to Registration.

Returning to Temple

All undergraduate students wishing to enroll in any given semester or summer session must have an active student status with the University. To facilitate your return, completed forms should be filed well in advance of listed deadlines.

Note: Graduate and Professional students seeking to return should contact their dean’s office for assistance.

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