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Current Students

Preparing To Graduate

Graduation is an exciting time, but there are steps to take to ensure that you are included in the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) graduation ceremony. Here you will find the information you will need to apply for graduation and important deadlines.

To view detailed information regarding the most current graduation ceremony cycle — including where to buy a cap and gown as well as parking — please visit the graduation section of the website.

Graduation Information

Before a student can participate in the graduation ceremony, all graduates are required to apply for graduation online by the applicable deadlines shown below.

Graduation Application Deadlines

The deadline for applying for May graduation is February 1.
The deadline for applying for July graduation is May 18.
The deadline for applying for December graduation is October 1.

Graduation Application How-To

To apply for graduation, please use the following steps:

  1. Log into TUPortal
  2. Click “Self-Service Banner”
  3. Click “Student Records”
  4. Click “Apply For Graduation” and answer all questions
  5. Verify that all your information is correct (name, major(s), minor(s), certificate(s), etc.)
  6. Click “Submit Application”

Before submitting, verify that all your program information is listed correctly in the application – your graduation date, your major(s), minor(s) and certificate(s). Please be sure that your name is spelled and punctuated exactly as you want it to appear on your diploma.

  • If all of your program information is correct, submit your application.
  • Any errors found in your information must be brought to your advisor’s attention. Book an appointment with your advisor

* If you have already submitted a graduation application through Self-Service Banner, click on View Graduation Application and review the information to be sure it is correct.

Petition to Walk

STHM undergraduate students who have not yet completed all degree requirements and only have the 12 credit, STHM 4185 Internship II course remaining can petition to walk in the graduation ceremony. To learn more or apply, please reach out to assistant dean, Dr. Heather Blackburn.

Latin Honors

Latin Honors are awarded based on estimation procedures that are intended to yield 2% Summa, 5% Magna, and 9% Cum Laude awards for baccalaureate recipients from each Temple school and college. Graduates who have completed at least 60 credits at Temple are eligible for the appropriate honor if their cumulative grade point average is equal to or greater than the cut-off value established for the honor.

GPA thresholds are updated every academic year and are posted to the Undergraduate Bulletin.