STHM 4396 | Capstone – Hospitality Management Systems | 3 Credits

Hospitality organizations use a variety of information technologies to facilitate various business activities such as reservation, marketing, operations, and management, with a direct impact on the firm’s financial outcomes such as revenues and market share. Effective implementation requires decision-makers to not only understand the functionalities of these advanced systems, but also be able to successfully interpret the systems’ output (e.g., relying on daily reports to make pricing decisions). Using an advanced lodging management system as an instructional tool, this course explores the fundamentals of hospitality and lodging management systems. Through multiple industry examples and in-depth discussions, this writing intensive course requires students to work on several simulation projects focusing on strategically integrate system applications such as property management, reservation management, sales & marketing management, point of sales systems, and meeting space rentals within a hotel setting. The impact of these advanced systems on hospitality organizations and on the hospitality industry will be discussed as well.