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From Research Scores to Arena Tours, STHM has Stellar Showing at the 2024 CSRI Conference

By: Josh Kelly
First Published: April 2, 2024
Topics: STHM School, Student Stories


Case study competitions immerse students in real-world challenges facing their professional fields, providing a unique platform to hone skills and accelerate their learning journey. These competitions foster creative thinking, teamwork and public presentation skills.  

The 2024 College Sport Research Institute (CSRI) conference offered these opportunities and much more. 

Held in Columbia, SC, the event proved to be a successful outing for both students and faculty of Temple University’s School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM). This annual event, known for its academic rigor and industry relevance, provided an excellent platform for STHM students and faculty to showcase their research and engage directly with professionals in the sport industry. 

Student Preparation and Success 

Leading up to the conference, THM students dedicated themselves to rigorous preparation. Undergraduate students focused on the changing structure of the NCAA governance model, while graduate students concentrated on enhancing the work experience for college athletic graduate assistants. The students’ hard work was evidenced by their outstanding performance in the case study competitions. 

Elizabeth Taylor is an assistant professor at STHM and attended as a faculty advisor to the students. 

“Throughout this experience I was impressed by our students’ thoughtfulness, engagement, enthusiasm, and professionalism,” Taylor says. “They stepped out of their comfort zone and came away with incredible memories.” 

The undergraduate team clinched first place, demonstrating their ability to apply academic concepts to real-world scenarios. In the graduate competition, another STHM team secured third place, further highlighting the depth of talent within the program. 

The conference also served as a stage for individual student research presentations. Several STHM students presented their work, receiving valuable feedback and engaging in scholarly discussions. 

Senior Sport and Recreation Management student Maya Britton echoed Taylor’s sentiments in her recollection of the event. 

“Being someone who wasn’t involved with research before attending this event, I am definitely now interested in research topics such as organizational leadership and women in sport,” Britton says. “Also, being able to compete in the case competition has allowed me to feel more comfortable in public speaking.” 

Experiential Learning and Industry Engagement 

The CSRI conference provided more than just academic competition; it offered experiential learning opportunities for the students that elevated their research into real-world engagement. Attendees toured the Carolina Coliseum arena and the Cyndi and Kenneth Long Family Football Operations Center, gaining firsthand insights into the operations of major sports facilities. An interactive conversation with Dawn Staley, the renowned women’s basketball coach who headed the Temple women’s team from 2000-01 through 2007-08, provided an inspirational perspective on leadership and success in sports. 

Additionally, students had the chance to attend the first round of the NCAA Women’s March Madness Tournament. This experience allowed them to witness the dynamics of a major sporting event firsthand, further enriching their understanding of the sports industry. 

The participation of STHM and faculty in the 2024 CSRI conference was made possible through the support of sponsors, including Mireia Lizandra, Monumental Sports & Entertainment and Comcast Spectator. These contributions significantly reduced the financial burden on students, enabling broader participation in this experience. 

Reflecting on Success and Looking Ahead 

The 2024 CSRI conference was a testament to the hard work, talent and dedication of STHM students and faculty. The achievements at the conference and the experiential learning opportunities provided a comprehensive and impactful experience for all participants. 

Jonathan Howe, professor at STHM and another faculty advisor on the trip, echoed Taylor’s satisfaction with the students’ performance and the overall value of the trip. 

“Students gained valuable insights not only from interacting with students from other institutions, faculty experts, and industry professionals,” Howe says. “But also, from putting themselves in uncomfortable positions presenting research and defending their case study proposals.” 

As STHM continues to foster academic excellence and industry engagement, the experiences from the CSRI conference will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of its students and faculty in the future.