Optional Concentrations

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Tourism and Hospitality Management program offers three dynamic concentrations:  (1) Hospitality Operations  (2) Destination Management and (3) Event Leadership. To earn the concentration, students must complete three (3) courses within the particular concentration area, the capstone course, and Internship II in a position related to the chosen concentration.

Hospitality Operations

Today’s hospitality businesses extend from small independent operations to globally connected multisite operations that transcend geographical boundaries. This presents an exciting career opportunity for those that are passionate about interacting with people, creating exceptional experiences and who thrive in an environment where no two days are the same.

This concentration exposes students to the diversity of hospitality operations, introducing them to the endless career opportunities that this industry provides.

  • STHM 3320 Special Topics in Hospitality Management
  • STHM 3324 Hospitality Operations
  • STHM 3325 Food & Beverage Management
  • STHM 3328 Gaming & Casino Management
  • STHM 3329 Revenue Management in Tourism & Hospitality
  • STHM 3425 Sustainable Event Management

Destination Management

The tourism industry is considered to be a significant contributor to the economic development of many destinations. To leverage this benefit, the importance of sustaining the environment, both ecologically and physically, upon which the communities and tourism depend, is emphasized.

This concentration affords students the insight into the foundations of tourism planning and development as well as the importance of operational and marketing integration of diverse destination tourism stakeholders through effective destination management and marketing.

  • STHM 3321 Tourism Planning & Development
  • STHM 3322 Destination Management Organizations
  • STHM 3327 Advanced Destination Marketing Systems
  • STHM 3330 Special Topics in Destination and Event Management

Event Leadership

The recent growth of events and festivals globally has seen the emergence of an industry that can be characterized as dynamic and exciting with endless possibilities. This industry presents a unique career opportunity for everyone with a passion for the planning and organizing of events, such as concerts, conventions, parties, and other gatherings.

This concentration affords students the insight into the requirements of seamless event planning, including consideration being given to event locations and facilities, concept development, event marketing, logistics and post-event analysis. Students in this concentration are encouraged to find internships that focus on the development of these skills so that they are fully prepared to seamlessly adjust to working full-time for an event immediately upon graduation.

  • STHM 3412 Foundations of Event Leadership
  • STHM 3415 Space Design & Facility Management
  • STHM 3425 Sustainable Event Management
  • STHM 3428 Event Marketing & Sponsorship