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Bill Siegel

Bill Siegel

Bill Siegel

Founder & Executive Chairman, Longwoods International

Bill founded Longwoods in 1978 and has built the firm into a leading travel research consultancy that conducts strategic studies globally for clients at the national, state, city, and regional levels.

He began his career as an academic, teaching psychology, research methods and statistics at Western University, and was invited to the University of Western Australia as Distinguished Visiting Lecturer. He switched to market research when he was hired to design and manage a multimillion-dollar advertising effectiveness study for the CEOs of the phone companies across Canada.

Bill is internationally recognized as a leading figure in marketing, advertising, and tourism research. His work has been cited in broadcast and print media, including USA Today, Newsweek, the New York Times, and the Times of London. He is a regular speaker at governors’ conferences and meetings, such as the Advertising Research Foundation, the American Marketing Association, The Travel & Tourism Research Association, the European Society of Marketing Research, and the Public Relations Society of America.

Bill has served on the boards for a number of organizations, including Georgia Tech, Waterloo University, Ryerson University, the University of Florida, the Travel & Tourism Research Association, and Destinations International. He was honored as a Ryerson Fellow, Executive in Residence at Temple University, and was commissioned an Honorary Citizen of New Jersey and Kentucky Colonel.

Bill holds a B.A. (Honors) from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Michigan.