This is the only award-winning, comprehensive events planning program that is designed to increase your marketable skills and to prepare you for future success in a broad range of event planning careers. The full program of courses may be completed in 6-8 months, and the full program typically can be completed in a year. You can also choose to enroll for individual courses.

The program is offered by Temple University's School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, the region's leading provider of management talent for the tourism and hospitality industries.

Classes are conveniently held on Saturdays on the Main Temple University Campus in North Philadelphia.

We are affiliated with and endorsed by The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau's Multi-Cultural Affairs Congress (MAC), The Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association (GPHA), The Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the International Special Events Society (ISES), The Pennsylvania Association for Travel and Tourism (PATT) and The International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA). We also have provided off-site training programs to The Pennsylvania Department of Tourism, the Cape May Tourism Authority and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.


Student Testimonials

"I hold the Event Leadership Executive Certificate Program in very high regard. I think that the program is probably even better than when I completed it, because the program has always continued to evolve and adjust accordingly to ever-changing event industry standards. When I began the program, after having been an "Event Planner" for 12-years at that time, I thought I knew quite a bit, but I was sorely mistaken. This course showed to me that there were so many other aspects to the Event Industry that I had not considered nor that I had mastered. It was a very humbling experience that I would do again." MICHEL ALLEN - ALLEN AND PARTNERS

"The Event Leadership Executive Certificate Program provides practical knowledge, resources and professional experiences to help prepare students for a rewarding career in event planning." KRISTEN VAUGHN - HTH WORLDWIDE

"One of the greatest accomplishments of my career as an Event Manager was attending and completing the Event Leadership Certificate program at Temple University. With an amazing group of instructors, coupled with a wealth of event experience and networking offered in every class, Temple's program is the key ingredient needed in becoming a successful leader within the event industry." DENISE SULLIVAN - GIRL SCOUTS OF EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA

"The Event Leadership Executive Certificate Program at Temple University gave me a cutting edge approach to all aspects of event planning. If you want to be a star performer in the field of event planning, I recommend this program. You will be amazed and the knowledge you gain will be priceless!" NINA REESE - MULTI CULTURAL AFFAIRS CONGRESS OF THE PHILADELPHIA CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU

"Temple’s Event Leadership Executive Certificate Program helped me to look at my event planning process through a different lens. Although I’ve been in the event planning industry for many years I gained new insights into the event business. Not only did I learn from the experienced professionals who led the classes, but I also learned from my classmates who each brought something different to class based on their own professional and personal experiences. The sharing of information and the networking opportunities were of incredible value. The externship requirements were helpful because I learned by doing and by observing how other professionals handled themselves. There were lots of take-aways regarding organizational styles, décor ideas, and preferred vendors. I’ve been able to carry forward what I learned at Temple into my current work. Thank you for this experience!" ORNA ROSENTHAL - UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA

"The Event Leadership Executive Certificate Program at Temple University is a program that opened my eyes to the many facets of the event planning field. Not only does the event-savvy, teaching staff possess a wealth of information but decades of experience as well. All of the instructors are highly approachable and encourage continued contact with them beyond their singular course. Due to the grassroots nature of this industry, Temple's instructors are nationally known and respected throughout the industry; countless times upon mention of an instructor, someone always seems to know he or she." DEBRA ARTHUR - INDEPENDENT EVENT PROFESSIONAL