Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management

The Tourism and Hospitality Management program prepares students for entry-level to mid-level positions in tourism, hospitality, and event management. The program prepares students to work in convention and visitors’ bureaus, destination management organizations, conference centers, resorts, casinos, hotels, theme parks, theaters, and entertainment venues.

Required Courses

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Foundation Requirements | 24 Credits
STHM 1113 The Business of Leisure (3 credits)
STHM 2114 Leisure & Tourism for a Diverse Society
STHM 3185 Internship I
STHM 4112 Senior Professional Development Seminar
STHM 4185 Internship II (12 Credits)

Major Requirements | 27 Credits
STHM 1311 The Business of Tourism & Hospitality
STHM 2311 Global Issues in Tourism & Hospitality
STHM 3311 Managing Organizations in Tourism & Hospitality
STHM 3312 Strategic Decision Making in Tourism & Hospitality
STHM 3313 Financial Issues in Tourism & Hospitality
STHM 3315 Tourism & Hospitality Sales
STHM 3396 Marketing in Tourism & Hospitality
STHM 4312 Legal Issues in Tourism & Hospitality

Choose one:
STHM 4396 Hospitality Management Systems
STHM 4397 Designing Tourism Experiences

Major Electives | 12 Credits

Students can choose one concentration. Students are expected to complete a total of four major
management electives, with three (of the four) courses being within a specific concentration.

Hospitality Operations Concentration Requirements:
STHM 3320 Special Topics in Hospitality Management
STHM 3324 Hospitality Operations
STHM 3325 Food & Beverage Management
STHM 3328 Gaming & Casino Management
STHM 3329 Revenue Management in Tourism & Hospitality
STHM 3425 Sustainable Event Management

Destination Management Concentration Requirements :
STHM 3321 Tourism Planning & Development
STHM 3322 Destination Management Organizations
STHM 3327 Advanced Destination Marketing Systems
STHM 3330 Special Topics in Destination and Event Management

Event Leadership Concentration Requirements:
STHM 3412 Foundations of Event Leadership
STHM 3415 Meetings, Conference and Convention Management
STHM 3425 Sustainable Event Management
STHM 3428 Event Marketing & Sponsorship

Fox School of Business & Management | 13 Credits
ECON 1101 Macroeconomic Principles
HRM 1101 Leadership & Organizational Management
ACCT 2101 Financial Accounting
MKTG 2101 Marketing Management
BA 2104 Excel for Business Applications