Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea Joins Temple University in Launching a Dual Degree in Sport Management

The Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea and the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) have signed a collaboration agreement to promote comprehensive education in sport management. This agreement provides students with practical, in-depth knowledge on how to become an expert in all areas of sport, from marketing and communication to business management in the industry.

Through this collaboration, students can complete a dual degree (M.S. in Sport Business / MBA in Sports Management), a program that will begin at Temple University and end at the Real Madrid–Universidad Europea Graduate School over a period of two years. This includes the White Week experience—a benchmark event in the sports industry in which students have the unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in sport from some of the industry’s top professionals. This agreement provides Temple University’s programs with an exceptional international experience that grows out of the tradition and renowned know-how of the Graduate School.

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