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Temple’s Community Impact Exceeds All Expectations

By: Courtney Kubitza
First Published: May 15, 2018
Topics: Alumni, In the News, STHM School

Temple's Global Days of Service

In just one week, Temple University raised more than $242,500 from 1,750+ donors during the 2018 Global Days of Service and Temple Toast!


As the 2018 spring semester draws to a close, Temple University is a busy place. Between graduates preparing to take the first steps into their future, prospective students touring campus and celebrations of another year complete, campus is buzzing with activity. This is undoubtedly a time of year when all the members of the Temple Community come together as one and nothing demonstrates this unity more so than two of the biggest events of the year: Global Days of Service and Temple Toast.

The Global Days of Service and Temple Toast are much more than your typical fundraisers. These events ask the Temple University Community to unite together to help solidify the school as a resource for present and future students. The relationship between the school and the community is undeniably strong. You can ask any student, alumni, faculty or staff member and they will agree that one of the most powerful benefits of being affiliated with Temple is the industry networks and connections to be made. So, it comes as no surprise that each of these events far exceeded expectations.

The original goal for the 2018 Global Days of Service was set high. Organizers targeted for 512 volunteers to contribute 2,000+ hours during the week of April 23 – 29, 2018. The final numbers came back totaling more than 600 volunteers who devoted 2,300+ hours across 15 states and 21 cities!

The Temple Toast was also a monumental success with an original goal set for 1,350 donors and $120,000 with the final figures coming back boasting 1,750+ donors and raising $242,500 – more than twice the original goal. One of the larger contributors to this goal were supporters of the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM). The number of STHM donors during Temple Toast increase by 358% from 2017, enabling the school to secure an extra $4,500 and raise a total of $14,513 for STHM students.

Whether here in Philadelphia or across the world, all those who selflessly gave their time and resources to make these goals beyond possible should be proud of their hard work. It’s times like these that truly show how close and powerful the Temple family truly can be – way to go Owls, everywhere!