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Have you met the dean? Get to know Chip Hunter

By: Karen Naylor
First Published: November 27, 2023
Topics: STHM School


Whether you’ve bumped into him while ordering your morning cup of Saxby’s coffee or on your way to classes or an event, Dean Chip Hunter has been making the rounds at the Fox School of Business and School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM).

“I’m thrilled to be here at Fox and STHM. Both schools are deeply committed to delivering business education that creates opportunities for all students,” says Dean Hunter, who began his new role just before the start of the fall semester. “I’ve really enjoyed everything so far, especially partnering with our incredible staff, faculty, students, alumni and donors to move the schools into the future.”

Dean Hunter brings a strong leadership background to the role of dean for both schools. An award-winning scholar specializing in human resources and industrial relations, he is excited to support Fox and STHM in the schools’ objectives to ensure a high-quality education and exceptional experience for students here at Temple University.

Want to know more? Here are some fast facts about Dean Hunter.

  1. He knows Philadelphia. Born in Kansas, raised in Idaho, Dean Hunter first came to Philadelphia for college in 1981. He received a BS in management and political science at the University of Pennsylvania and then returned to teach at the Wharton School of Business as an assistant professor of management. (In between, he earned an MA at the University of Oxford and a PhD in HRM and industrial relations at MIT Sloan.) His ties to the Philly area are strong—it’s where he met his wife, Julie, who is from Narberth, and where their two daughters, Liv and Ally, were born. He and his family also enjoy spending time “down the shore” in Ocean City, New Jersey.
  2. He’s a fan of barbecue . . . but he also enjoys Philly favorites! Dean Hunter orders his cheesesteaks with provolone and onions and says Butterscotch Krimpets are his favorite Tastykake. While he’s still exploring new menu options at Wawa (aren’t we all?), he’s all in on Coke over Pepsi. “That’s an easy answer,” he says.
  3. He’s an expert in human resource research. Through fieldwork and industry dynamics, Dean Hunter has advanced research in the HR discipline. His primary research area of interest is managing workplaces and human resources to promote organizational goals and positive outcomes for workers.
  4. He believes in the value of public research institutions. Dean Hunter is a strong advocate for public research universities and believes that institutions like Temple University can play a significant role in social mobility. At the Fox School, he sees how students from North Philadelphia and beyond can benefit from exceptional curriculum and services.  “Such a premier education ought to be available to all students willing and able to do the work,” says Dean Hunter.
  5. He was on Jeopardy! Back in the ’90s during his time teaching at Wharton, Dean Hunter took a break between the last day of classes and final exams to fly out to California for a taping of Jeopardy! While he didn’t walk away with the winnings, he said the experience was a lot of fun—and Alex Trebek was the epitome of a host. “I didn’t find any of the Daily Doubles!”
  6. He’s a cat person, though not by choice. “I lost that bet a long time ago,” Dean Hunter laughs. “Now I’m cats for life. We have a black cat named Renny. She’s hilarious.”
  7. He has specific routines to help him manage his busy schedules. A dean has a lot to do. How does someone keep up? Dean Hunter has two pieces of advice for those with busy schedules. First, read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen—and don’t skip the parts you don’t like. Second, find your balance. “I jog three miles every other day for self-care,” says Dean Hunter. “That’s the routine that works for me— I do that much and I don’t need to push it harder.  . Finding and maintaining balance in whatever you are doing is important. It’s a learning process.”
  8. He’s excited to continue learning more about our Fox and STHM communities. I like learning about where our students come from, it seems like I keep discovering Philadelphia neighborhoods I hadn’t heard of, suburbs I’ve never been to. I’m also meeting students from across the country and the globe. Our alumni are also amazing–and so committed to Temple, to Fox and STHM, and to helping the next generation succeed.
  9. He is Fox and STHM proud. I’m especially excited about making an even stronger mark on the Greater Philadelphia area. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re the best business school focused on this region. We need to make sure everyone in Greater Philadelphia  shares that belief! Our excellence is a springboard for opportunities for our students, faculty and alumni both nationally and globally.