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Graduation Spotlight: Breaking Boundaries in Global Sport with Natsuki Daimaru

By: Josh Kelly
First Published: May 8, 2024
Topics: Grad, STHM School


Natsuki Daimaru’s international perspective enriched her academic journey which began at TU Japan. (Photo courtesy of Natsuki Daimaru) 

Graduating senior Natsuki Daimaru, originally from Japan, began her studies at Temple University’s Japan campus before transferring to the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management on Main Campus. 

Majoring in sport and recreation management, she has made significant strides in her academic and professional journey, particularly in addressing critical issues like sexual abuse and prejudice against female athletes. 

Passionate about sports from a young age, Daimaru initially explored business management but switched to marketing, driven by her love for sports and insightful guidance from a career coach. 

“The first and biggest reason why I chose this major was simply because I love sports and wanted to learn about that,” Daimaru says. 

Her international perspective enriched her academic journey, allowing her to absorb varied cultural views on sports, which she adeptly applied during her transformative internships. 

Daimaru’s internships at organizations such as Hyatt Regency, Ookami Inc. and Under Armour Japan spanned diverse cities like Hokkaido, Tokyo and San Francisco.  

However, it was her role at Hyatt Regency in San Francisco that proved most pivotal. Here, she spearheaded sports marketing initiatives during the San Francisco 49ers’ run to Super Bowl LVIII. 

“It was a great experience for me to be in charge of the hotel’s marketing during such a significant event,” she says, a statement reflecting her capability to manage high-stakes projects under pressure. 

In addition to her professional experience, Daimaru’s leadership as the director of membership administration at TU-AMA honed her skills in public speaking, market research and strategic planning. Her standout moment came at the American Marketing Association’s International Collegiate Conference, exceling in the Amazon Prime Student Case Competition.  

“The upperclassmen really took me under their wing and made me feel so confident and supported throughout the competition,” she says, highlighting the supportive community at Temple. 

Beyond her coursework and internships, Daimaru engaged extensively in volunteer work, contributing over 250 hours, particularly with Philadelphia’s major sports teams.  

“Being a volunteer staff for these teams was an experience that I am glad to have had as an STHM student,” she says. 

Her innovative thinking was evident in her senior capstone project, where she proposed hosting regular international games to boost MLB’s global popularity. This strategy not only showcased her deep understanding of the global sports landscape but also demonstrated her ability to translate academic concepts into actionable, real-world strategies. 

Reflecting on her time at Temple, Daimaru has some advice for the incoming class of 2028. 

“Take on whatever opportunities are available,” she says. “Once you participate, you will definitely be glad you went.”  

She also encourages new students to fully engage in STHM’s offerings, from job fairs to student organizations and internships, emphasizing the substantial personal and professional growth these opportunities can foster. 

As she prepares to bring her insights and expertise back to Japan, Daimaru is poised to influence the field of sports marketing significantly. Her journey at Temple exemplifies how passion, perseverance and the pursuit of knowledge can shape a promising career in the competitive world of sport and recreation management.