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Graduation spotlight: Anthony Getz’s Rise as Visual Storyteller in Sport Industry

By: Josh Kelly
First Published: May 7, 2024
Topics: Grad, STHM School


A fan of sports on and off the field, Anthony Getz applied his skills gathering content for graphics. (Photo courtesy of Zamani Feelings) 

Sport and Recreation Management major Anthony Getz’s interest in Temple University began at an early age when he came to see an Owls basketball game as a kid. 

“I’ve always wanted to be an Owl,” Getz says. “There was no other school.” 

He’s stayed true to being a fan of Temple, both athletically and academically, expanding his interest in sports by becoming a talented graphic designer. 

His first content production role began in high school, where he secured a part-time job as a graphic designer for Temple Football. A retweet from former head coach Geoff Collins of one of Getz’s designs opened the door to his early engagement with campus life. 


Anthony Getz on the field gathering content. (Photo courtesy of Zamani Feelings) 

After graduating high school and becoming a full-time student at Temple, Getz’s ambitions and go-getter nature led to further exciting internships, including graphic design roles with major sports teams such as the Philadelphia Phillies and the Baltimore Orioles, as well as contributing to Team USA’s visual presence at the upcoming Summer Olympics. 

Getz’s journey wasn’t without some challenges.  

During a particularly busy season with a part-time job, a major class assignment was submitted incorrectly and negatively impacted his grade. Getz took the failure in stride, walking away with an important lesson. 

“Failure is where you learn the most,” Getz says.  “When it happened, I thought it was the worst thing ever. It forced me to focus on the classwork in a new way, because it all has a purpose, and it all applies to what we do in our work.”  

Now a May 2024 graduate, Getz is grateful for all his experiences, many of which have shaped his path forward.  

“No matter what you learn in the classroom, you need connections,” Getz says.  

“Every opportunity I’ve had has come from people that I’ve become connected with. You never know where opportunities will lead.”  

The camaraderie and connections formed at Temple are deeply valued by Getz. He still lives with his roommates from freshman year, who are all connected by their passion for sport.  

“We’re all in sports in some way,” he says. “And they’ll be the best men at my wedding.”