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From Boulder to Philly: A Student’s Journey to Temple University for Sports Management

By: Sarah Weitzman
First Published: September 26, 2023
Topics: Sport, STHM School


Now more than ever, students from out of state are committing to attend Temple University.

“Out-of-state students make up 35% of the incoming class, which represents the largest-ever percentage of domestic out-of-state students to attend Temple,” according to a recent Temple Now article.

Beres Walton, a freshman at the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management, is part of that rising percentage of students traveling from outside Pennsylvania to Broad Street.

Ever wonder why someone would consider traveling out-of-state to study at Temple? This Q&A with Walton explores why he chose to travel from Boulder, Colorado, to attend Temple University and the experiences that influenced his decision.

What made you decide to come to Temple instead of staying in Colorado?

A: First, the accessibility to the Philadelphia job market was a big factor in deciding. I was either going to commit to Temple or to the University of Colorado Boulder. I saw how many internships Temple offers and the connections I could make. I also thought it was super cool that Temple is a part of Philadelphia as a whole, and that the people here are a part of the community. Another plus is being in a city, it’s easy just to get on the subway and go to other areas. In Colorado, the only really big city is Denver, and there’s definitely not as much sports culture there as there is in Philadelphia.

Why did you choose Sport and Recreation Management as your major coming into Temple University?

A: I’ve played sports my whole life, but I didn’t think I wanted to play sports in college. Then I realized that there were so many opportunities in sports without actually playing it, where I could still be involved and be a part of things that I love and want to do.

What made Temple University stand out to you?

A: When I visited campus, I really liked how it still feels like a college vibe, but you’re also in the city at the same time. I felt really wanted and included, even before I was accepted. I was getting letters in the mail giving me information about the program. No other school was doing it like Temple.

Did you attend a class while touring Temple University?

A: Yes, I did. I was able to shadow a senior at the time and went to a few of her classes. She really helped me get the vibe of the school and the classes and introduced me to professors. The professors I met were super nice and wanted to actually get to know me. It really felt like they cared about the kids in their classes. Once I was actually sitting in classes and walking around campus, I could definitely see myself here and knew that it was somewhere that I wanted to be.

Who is your biggest career influence?

A: My dream career is to be a sports agent. I don’t know too many sports agents by name, but, a few months ago, Jalen Hurts’ agent got him a five-year, $255 million contract extension. To be able to do something like that or make a big impact would be really cool.

What advice would you give to people who live farther away who want to commit to Temple, but don’t know if it’s right for them?

A: If you’re on campus and you have any type of gut feeling that you’re going to like it or it’s the right fit for you, then I think you should go for it. You can always go back home. Take the chance to explore.