Message from the Director

The School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) has become a global leader in research and scholarship. STHM consists of a diverse group of dedicated faculty who enhance the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the hospitality, leisure, recreation, sport and tourism sectors.

STHM faculty conduct multidisciplinary research to achieve four key objectives: a) produce and encourage quality publications in top-ranked referred academic journals, b) facilitate connections with industry partners to provide solutions to business, community and government organizations, c) generate research capacity through external funding that bridge research and practice, and d) promote an intellectual culture by embedding research skills and competencies within the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

Collectively, STHM faculty are among the most productive scholars. This productivity can be thematically grouped into five broad areas of research excellence that represent our core strengths of: Consumer Behavior, Information Technology and Communications, Organizational Behavior, Physical Activity and Sports Participation, and Financial Control and Revenue Management. STHM has also developed a strong focus on graduate education with our faculty supervising doctoral students who earn PhD degrees in Business Administration with a concentration in Tourism & Sport Management from the Fox School of Business. Our goal is to place 100 percent of our graduating PhDs in aspirant schools where excellent research and scholarship are rewarded.


dfunk-e1426008595298 Daniel C Funk, PhD
Director of Research and PhD Program
School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management
Temple University