Thilo Kunkel

Assistant Professor
Speakman Hall 315


Dr. Thilo Kunkel joined the faculty in 2013 from Australia’s Griffith University, where his PhD thesis in Sport Management explored the influence of the league on team fans.

Dr. Kunkel has published articles in the Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Review, European Sport Management Quarterly, and the International Journal of Sport Marketing and Sponsorship. Currently, he has two peer-refereed journal articles in press, one at the Journal of Sport Management and one at the Journal of Sport Media. In addition, he has two papers in review—in the Journal of Sport Management and one in Leisure Science—and two others in progress.

He has presented three refereed papers at conference proceedings in Italy, Australia, and Germany, and has had 16 peer-refereed abstracts in conferences across the world.

Dr. Kunkel has attracted a variety of funding for postgraduate research projects. He has served as a lecturer and tutor at Griffith’s Business School in courses including Event Marketing and Sponsorship, Sport Event Operations, Sport Marketing, Community Events and Festivals, and Strategy and Change—a Service Industry Approach.

His industry experience includes an entrepreneurial venture in which he consulted in marketing and promotions for international brands. He currently works with a professional soccer player on his brand development, and a software developer on optimizing a fan engagement app. Dr. Kunkel is also a licensed snowboard, ski and windsurfing instructor.

In addition to his PhD from Griffith, Dr. Kunkel earned the equivalent of three Master’s degrees, in Business Education, Business Administration, and Leisure Sports, from Saarland University in Germany, as well as Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Leisure Sports, also from Saarland University.