Industry Related Hours

All Undergraduate STHM Students are required to complete a minimum of 250 industry-related hours across seven (7) different experiences prior to entering THM4112 – Senior Professional Development. Industry-Related Hours consist of volunteer opportunities provided by the CSPD, part-time employment relative to the fields of study, and any internship hours completed above the minimum internship requirements. Upon entering Senior Professional Development, students must have a portfolio prepared of their hours accumulated. The portfolio should consist of signed letters from the organization the student volunteer with to verify the hours completed.

Important: Students are not able to use internships that require academic credit for industry-related hours. Industry-Related Hours are a non-credit requirement so we are not able to provide any organization with a verification letter of credit. Please be careful when applying for internships they do not require academic credit unless you have been approved to complete Internship I or Internship II. 

For further information about Industry-Related Hours, please refer to this document.

Click here for the Industry-Related Hour form. This form should be used for experiences less than ten (10) hours in length. Any experience over ten (10) hours should be a written letter from the site verifying hours. Information needed in letter:

  • Letter should be on organization letterhead
  • Letter should verify hours completed, dates hours were completed, responsibilities completed.
  • Letter should be signed by an organization representative.