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THE Global Higher Education Leadership Summit 2021

Event Details:
8:00 AM EDT (GMT -4)
Saturday, March 20, 2021
Ideal for Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Profssionals, Researchers, Investors and Academics

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The Tourism, Hospitality & Events Global Higher Education Leadership Summit 2021 (THE Summit 2021), co-organized by the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management and the U.S.-Asia Center for Tourism & Hospitality Research at Temple University, will be held on March 19–20, 2021.

The global THE higher education field is facing one of the most exciting and trying times in its history. Amid the ongoing pandemic, THE higher education institutions across the world are grappling with unprecedented disruption and a need for rapid, dramatic transformation. The abruptly digitalized THE higher education experience also calls for immediate reflection on curriculum innovation and field revolution. Altogether, the current time presents an opportunity to initiate global academia-industry dialogue, focusing on collaboration and ingenuity to transform tomorrow’s global THE industry.

Against this backdrop, THE Summit 2021 provides an innovative virtual platform to foster connections among institutions, geographic regions, industry, and academia. The theme of this year’s THE Summit is “Transforming tomorrow’s global THE industry.” By sparking discussion about the field’s evolving identity, THE Summit 2021 aims to drive innovations in THE higher education by sharing best practices in translational research and transformative education. This Summit, through various presentations and panel sessions on a range of contemporary THE higher education topics, will offer a one-of-a-kind platform for THE higher education stakeholders from academia and industry alike: attendees can fuse their perspectives and explore how to cope with unprecedented challenges and opportunities to promote sustainable innovation in tourism, hospitality, events, and related industries.

Registration will open January 4, 2021.

For inquiries, contact:

Dr. Laurie Wu
Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management
School of Sport, Tourism & Hospitality Management
Temple University, USA