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Inclusive Excellence: Strength and Strategies of Building Organizational Culture (Session 1)

Event Details:
1:00 PM EDT (GMT -4)
Friday, February 12, 2021

As our school sets a new course of action for innovative, engaging and impactful research, education and industry collaborations we begin implementation of our Strategic Plan. Successful implementation of that plan relies on the capacity and strength of every voice in our ranks.

These sessions will be about bringing those voices and the strengths of each and every one of us in executing the plan. Daniel Juday will guide us through conversations to strengthen our leadership impact and make the spaces we influence more inclusive.

Session 1: Unpacking the “what” and the “what’s wrong” 
Everyone seems to be talking about culture, but almost everyone is talking about the _what_, not the _how_. We’ll use this interactive session to start exploring some markers of accidental and unintentional cultures. These are not anyone’s ideal scenario, but they’re often what happens when we just let things happen. We know we never change what we don’t name, so we’ll be honest in creating a shared vocabulary around organizational culture characteristics we want to wean out as we seek to move our teammates from disengaged and disenfranchised to invested and engaged.