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Connect & Converse Fall 2020

Event Details:
9:00 AM EDT (GMT -4)
Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Ideal for Current Students, Alumni, and Industry Professionals

Connect & Converse is a great networking opportunity that provides the tools for professional development and connection between students, alumni, and industry professionals.

In response to COVID-19, Connect & Converse will be a virtual opportunity to connect with industry professionals through various sessions, panels, and breakout rooms. Our event will offer several opportunities for one-on-one access to the top decision-makers in our industries today. The ball is in your court to make the most out of this event and to build lasting relationships with the contacts you meet.

We have gathered together an amazing group of STHM Industry Leaders and Alumni, and we encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity by listening to the speakers and asking thought-provoking questions. It is also an opportunity to network with as many professionals and peers as possible throughout the event. Using the Zoom and Whova platforms will allow participants to engage in Alumni Panels and Breakout sessions.

For this event, our team would like to emphasize the phrase “Where Do We Grow From Here?” to encourage the discussion among participants to concentrate on the future of STHM and the potential for growth rather than dwelling on the negative impacts that COVID-19 has had on our industry. As businesses begin to open back up and events slowly make their way onto our calendars, we believe this is an opportunity to positively position ourselves for the new normal and focus on what we as future leaders can do to make the best of the current climate.

Industry Leaders Panel – The panel will feature one industry leader from the sport, recreation, tourism, hospitality, and event industries. The panel will have a moderator and the panelists will be given 5 minutes to introduce themselves and discuss their careers. The moderator will ask questions surrounding a positive outlook with the COVID-19 effects and each industry’s future. There will be prompts such as; recovery efforts, emerging opportunities, and lessons learned.

Career Conversations – Career Conversations will be geared towards every STHM student but will impact everyone in a different way. For incoming students, Freshman and Sophomores can use this opportunity to introduce them to the various topics within the industry. For upperclassmen, Juniors and Seniors can take advantage of this opportunity to learn about potential internship opportunities and what would best fit their interests. We want to ensure that every student has the opportunity to not only attend but to make some great connections in the industry and come out with new information.

One Industry professional and one Alum will sit with students in the breakout rooms and use provided questions and prompts to engage discussions. These will be related to two subcategories of each industry (sports, tourism, recreation, hospitality, and events), totaling ten breakout rooms.

Connect for Success – STHM SPOs, alumni, and industry leaders will participate and host their breakout room to network with students to engage with them one-on-one. The breakout rooms will also provide the opportunity for alumni to connect with industry professionals or students to learn more about STHM student organizations.

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