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Event Management Graduate Certificate

About the Program

The Graduate Certificate in Event Management provides students with the knowledge and information that facilitates the effective organization and management of events within a wide array of event planning.


Through the Graduate Certificate in Event Management, students will learn the ins and outs of managing events in a variety of settings. The certificate is made up of nine credits. Individuals that want to take their development beyond the certificate can apply the credits earned from this certificate program towards the Master of Science in Hospitality Management or Master of Science in Sport Business (where a grade of B or better is received).

The Business of Event Management | THM 5334 | 1.5 credits
The events and meeting industry has long been recognized as a major market sector in the tourism and hospitality industry, and is one of the fastest growing in the industry. This course will provide students insight into its complex and diverse nature as represented in the diversity of the industry, including goal and mission establishment, strategic planning, event program planning and design, program evaluation and many other industry specific topics.
Event Logistics and Risk Management | THM 5604 | 1.5 credits
This course examines event logistics, crisis and risk management strategies as they apply to the hospitality, festival and event industries. It is designed to look at both theoretical and practical elements of event operations and production to include a comprehensive review of logistics, contracts, technical production elements, staging and risk management.
Event Management | SRM 5243 | 3 credits
An experience-based course, this course will present principles of event management, along with a broad overview of opportunities in the industry. There will be a special focus on current trends and technology, risk management, staffing, and budgeting. A wide diversity of experiences will be available.
Destination Events - A Global Perspective | THM 5341 | 3 credits
This course provides an in-depth and comprehensive analysis for the worldwide festivals and event industry, the impact of current international issues, an understanding of how events and festivals are staged globally, as well as the legal and risk related concerns that come with events and festivals. Characteristics specific to the global aspect of the industry will be examined as well as the essentials of developing an effective inbound tourist experience.


For questions about the application process, the program or to schedule a personalized consultation with a member of the graduate enrollment team, please contact:

Coni Zingarelli
Director of Graduate Admissions