About SIRC

The Sport Industry Research Center at Temple University was created in 2008 and is a collaborative research network providing innovative marketing and management strategies to enhance the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of sporting events. The center has provided opportunities for academics, students, and professionals to explore the potential of sport to impact local communities. SIRC conducts and disseminates research, educates and trains executives, and functions as a think tank and informational resource for those involved in the sport industry.

Included among the initiatives that SIRC is involved in are: executive workshops; graduate student training; community based programming; event management and program consulting; and academic dissemination of cutting-edge research and managerial best practices. Areas of expertise include outcome-based measurement systems, social responsibility evaluation, and sport consumer and participant-based research. SIRC has provided research services for a variety of sport events and organizations, including the PGA Tour, Philadelphia Marathon, the City of Cape May, Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education, Back on my Feet, Cadence Cycling, the Starfinder Foundation, Zhang Sah Martial Arts, and U.S. Road Sports & Entertainment Group.

Contact Us

For more information or inquiries regarding SIRC, please contact Dr. Jeremy Jordan, SIRC Director.