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PHD in business administration, concentration in tourism and Sport

Sport Industry Research Center (SIRC)

Founded in 2008, the Sport Industry Research Center (SIRC) provides opportunities for academics, students, and practitioners to explore the potential of sport to impact the communities within which they exist. Through a series of initiatives, SIRC attempts to conduct and disseminate research, educate and train executives, and functions as a think tank and informational resource for those involved in the sport industry. Included amongst the initiatives that SIRC is involved in are: executive workshops, doctoral student training, community based programming, event management and program consulting, and academic dissemination of cutting-edge research and managerial best practices.

SIRC's Vision

To be a leading voice in harnessing the power of sport for the good of communities, and to provide advanced research and service to the sport industry.

SIRC's Mission

The Center seeks to engage with all stakeholders in the sport industry to expand the definition of business success to include measurable, positive impact in their respective communities. The Center will pursue this agenda through a robust program of research, education, and member engagement.

Institutes Within SIRC

Institute for Sport and Social Responsibility (ISSR) - ISSR is oriented toward producing and advancing knowledge that is useful for sport industry practitioners in their efforts to promote a socially responsible agenda. ISSR's collaborative research efforts help practitioners to be more effective in their work of advancing corporate social responsibility and philanthropic initiatives within their organizations, thus strengthening their ties with their respective communities. As an academic institute, our ongoing research within the sport industry helps us to understand the issues organizations face as they develop and maintain socially responsible programs. Consequently, our member organizations then realize the most effective manner in which to communicate their efforts to the community.

Sport and Tourism Event Research Network (STERN) - The Sport Tourism Event Research Network (STERN) is a collaborative research network of academics and industry professionals working to enhance the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the sport industry and related sectors. STERN conducts multidisciplinary research to provide innovative marketing and management solutions to business, community and government organizations dedicated to the delivery of sport, tourism, event, and recreation services and products.


Jeremy Jordan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Sport Industry Research Center

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