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Joe Mahan has papers accepted for publication

The following are two publications (one in print; one accepted for publication) in STHM-rated publications:

Joe Mahan and Joris Drayer, Assistant Professors in STHM, along with Emily Sparvero (University of Texas) recently had an article published in Sport Marketing Quarterly, an STHM A-minus journal.

Mahan, J.E., III, Drayer, J., & Sparvero, E. (2012). An examination of the influence of money on fan attitudes and behaviors. Sport Marketing Quarterly. 21, 159-169.

Additionally, Joe Mahan, Assistant Professor in STHM, and Aubrey Kent, Associate Professor in STHM, along with Yuhei Inoue (Ph.D. Graduate) have an article accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of Sport Management Review, an STHM A journal.

Inoue, Y., Mahan, J. E., & Kent, A.. "Enhancing the benefits of professional sport philanthropy: The roles of corporate ability and communication strategies". Sport Management Review(forthcoming)