Certificate in Sport Management

The Certificate in Sport Management is an easily-integrated option for students interested in gaining exposure to the sport, recreation, and leisure industries. The certificate’s courses offer students foundational business principles in addition to elective options designed to correspond with a student’s interests.

Required Courses: (9 credits)
Students must take these 3 courses in consultation with an STHM advisor.

  • THM 3221 | Athletics Administration
  • THM 3222 | Professional & International Sport
  • THM 3225 | Recreation & Leisure Service Management

Elective Courses: (3 credits)
Students can choose any 1 course from the following list, in consultation with an STHM advisor.

  • THM 857 – Sport and Leisure in American Society*
    *Sections of this course offered by other Temple departments may be substituted.
  • THM 1211 – Sport and Society
  • THM 3214 – Marketing Management in Sport and Recreation
  • THM 3215 – Stadium/Arena Design & Management
  • THM 3224 – Media and Communications in Sport and Recreation