Minimum Standards for International Graduate Study

Temple University assesses foreign degrees based on the characteristics of the national educational system, the type of institution attended, and the level of studies completed.  The minimum level of study required for graduate admissions consideration is outlined below:

  • British-patterned education:  Bachelor’s degree with honors.
  • French-patterned education:  Maîtrise from university or completion of diplôme d’ingénieur from grandes écoles.
  • African countries (other than British- or French-patterned):  University degree requiring 4 years of study.
  • Germany:  University diplom preferred, or at least 1 year of full-time higher study beyond vordiplom.
  • Other European countries:  University degree requiring 4 years of study.
  • Middle East:  University degree requiring 4 years of study.
  • Canada:  From Quebec, 3-year bachelor’s degree; from other provinces, 4-year bachelor’s degree.
  • Central and South America:  University degree requiring 4 years of study.
  • India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal:  Bachelor’s degree in engineering or medicine; master’s degree in all other fields.  Note:  A 3-year bachelor’s degree is not considered sufficient for graduate study at Temple.  At least 1 year of a master’s degree, in a related discipline, following the 3-year bachelor’s degree from India is required.
  • Philippines:  A 5-year bachelor’s degree or 4-year bachelor’s degree plus one year of graduate work.
  • Other Asian countries:  University degree requiring 4 years of study.
  • Newly Independent States:  University diploma requiring 4.5 to 6 years of study.
  • All Others:  Bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s degree comparability, as determined by Temple University, awarded by a post-secondary institution recognized by the country’s own Ministry of Education.