Internship Programs

The School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) Internship Program was established to provide students meaningful internship opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the sport, recreation, tourism, and hospitality industries and to prepare students for their future endeavors in the workplace. These practical experiences, along with the academic experience in the classroom, provide STHM students the background to start a successful career.

Undergraduate Internship Program

All STHM Students in the undergraduate curriculum are required to complete two internships during the course of their studies. The first internship, THM3185 – Internship I, is a minimum of 180 hours over the course of a semester and the second internship, THM4185 – Internship II, is a minimum of 600 hours. All students completing internship must be academically approved by the CSPD prior to submitting any internship applications and all internship locations must be approved by the CSPD to be earned for academic credit.

The internship process will start the semester prior to when the student anticipates completing their internship. Refer to the timetables below for each course of when the process starts and ends.

THM3185 – Internship I (Junior Internship)

Internship I is to be completed during the junior once the student has met certain eligibility requirements. The Junior Internship is meant to expose students to the industry to give them further knowledge about the direction they would like to go in the industries we serve.

Internship I is a minimum of 180 hours completed over the course of a semester (15 weeks Fall/Spring Semesters; 12 weeks Summer Semester) and is worth three (3) academic credits.

Internship I Eligibility

Students must have completed the following requirements in order to be eligible for THM3185 – Internship I.

  • Attendance at an Internship I Information Session
  • Completion of the STHM Professional Development Series
  • Academic Requirements
    • 60+ credits by the start of the semester the student will be completing THM3185
    • All 1000 and 2000 level STHM courses completed
      • THM1113 – Foundations of Leisure
      • THM1211 – Sport and Society OR THM1311 – Business of Tourism and Hospitality
      • BA2104 – Excel for Business Applications [ONLY APPLIES TO STUDENTS WHO ENTERED STHM IN FALL 2015 AND BEYOND.]
      • THM2211 – Organizational Strategy in Sport and Recreation OR THM2311 – Global Issues in Tourism and Hospitality
      • THM2114 – Leisure and Tourism for a Diverse Society
    • If a student is on an academic status [Warning/Probation], is on a third attempt of an STHM requirement, or has a cumulative grade point average below a 2.30 the students approval will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

THM4185 – Internship II (Senior Internship)

Internship II is the final cuminating experience a STHM student has prior to graduating from the program. It is the final academic requirement a student will have in the program. Students will select organizations and departments they have their future career interests in post-graduation. The Senior Internship is a minimum of 600 hours over the course of the semester and is worth 10 (Entered STHM prior to Fall 2011) or 12 academic credits (Entered STHM Fall 2011 – Present).

Students on the old curriculum (Entered STHM prior to Fall 2011) will also register for THM4191 – Senior Project in conjunction with THM4185 – Internship II. Please consult with your Advising Checksheet and the STHM Center for Student Services if you are unsure of your academic requirements.

Internship II Eligibility:

  • Completion of all Temple University Core/GenEd and STHM Program Requirements (except for THM4185 – Internship II and THM4191 [old curriculum students].
  • No other classes can be taken with or after Internship II. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the STHM Dean’s Office in consultation with the CSPD and the STHM Center for Student Services.
  • Good academic standing with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.00. All Incomplete (I) and Missing Grades (MG) on your Academic History must be eliminated prior to the end of the semester before Internship II.

Graduate Internship Program

STHM Students in the Master of Science, Sport and Recreation Management or Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management program are required to complete an internship as part of their curriculum.  Students must have completed 18 credit hours, be in good academic standing and obtained approval from their Faculty Academic Advisor. The Graduate Internship is a minimum of 180 hours over the course of the semester (15 weeks – Fall/Spring Semester; 12 weeks – Summer Semester) and is worth 3 academic credits.

Graduate Internship Process

Graduate Internship Manual