Shenzhen Tourism College of Jinan University – Shenzhen, PRC

Shenzhen Tourism College of Jinan University

Shenzhen Tourism College of Jinan University (SZTC), is located in China’s famous tourist and cultural city of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town in Shenzhen, Jinan University is sponsoring the base, is the territory of the first through the World Tourism Organization, Tourism Education Quality Certification Institute of Tourism, Tourism Management major is Guangdong Province famous professional school.

College formerly known as “Travel College of Jinan University,” in February 1993, the State Board of Education approved the establishment of the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town. School officially opened in 1996, set up tourism management professional, teacher in-service teachers from the School of Jinan University teachers and hired well-known domestic tourism business executives and well-known domestic and foreign experts. The school offers degrees in:

  • Hotel and Conference Management
  • Tourism Management (Golf Management)
  • Tourism Management (Tourism Planning & Development)
  • e-Commerce.

SZTC has the Golf, Sports, and Leisure Industry Research Center, Tourism Development Research Center, and among others. The school also added an English Department in 2001 to assist with its international tourism program.

The STHM exchange program is for Undergraduate, Masters, PhDs, and Faculty who want to study or do research for 1-2 semesters. If a student chooses to study abroad for a full year, the first semester they pay Temple University tuition and the second semester they pay SZTC tuition. Financial aid can be used to pay both semesters.