Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Hong Kong PRC

Hong Kong Polytechnic University: School of Hotel and Tourism Management

Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) is located in Kowloon, Hong Kong, which is in the northern region of the city and is home to vibrant shopping, arts, and entertainment districts. As one of the world’s most densely populated metropolises, Hong Kong is known for its skyline and deep natural harbor. Hong Kong’s many industries are leaders in their fields, including economic, telecommunication, technology, transportation, tourism and entertainment.

Since its founding 35 years ago, the SHTM has become one of the largest hospitality and tourism schools in Asia and in the world. In 2009, the school was globally ranked No. 2 in research and scholarship. SHTM currently serves over 2,100 students and offers programs in:

  • Hotel Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Convention and Event Management

and Graduate degrees in:

  • International Hospitality Management
  • International Tourism and Convention Management
  • International Wine Management

A unique draw to the school is their ownership of the “Hotel ICON”, a full-service hotel which doubles as a teaching and research facility with 262 rooms and three restaurants.

The STHM exchange program is for Undergraduate, Masters, PhDs, and Faculty who want to study or do research for 1-2 semesters. If a student chooses to study abroad for a full year, the first semester they pay Temple University tuition and the second semester they pay Hong Kong Polytechnic University tuition. Financial aid can be used to pay both semesters.