Amsterdam University of Applied Science – Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Amsterdam University of Applied Science: International Sports, Management and Business

Amsterdam University of Applied Science (AUAS) is located in Amsterdam, the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands. The city is one of the top financial centers of Europe and the cultural capital of the Netherlands. In 2012 it was ranked the world’s 2nd best city to live, and in 2009 it was ranked the world’s 3rd most innovative.

The university began offering a 4-year English undergraduate program in International Sports, Management and Business (ISMB) in 2011. The program emphasizes the international and entrepreneurial aspects of the sport industry. These theories are put to practice by requiring three internships in different countries for a variety of sport organizations and a 6-month project creating and implementing an original business idea.

The campus itself is located on Amsterdam’s largest sports complex, Ookmeer Sport Park in the west side of the city, and has easy access to the city’s innumerable multicultural, entertainment, and international sporting events.

A unique collaboration to AUAS’s ISMB program is the launch of the Access, Equity and Identity in Sport (AEIS) Research Program. This program has already won a research grant from the International Olympic Committee and is being featured in a Dutch sport newsletter. The STHM exchange program is for Undergraduate students who wish to study abroad for a short duration (as little as 1-week) or up to 2 semesters. For AUAS students, an opportunity to complete a 3.5/1.5 dual bachelor/master’s degree exists.