STHM Alumna Catherine Beaudette

By STHM Public Relations on June 22, 2015

Catherine Beaudette
Company: United States Military Academy
Title: Compliance Coordinator, Army West Point Athletics
Year of graduation: 2013
Program: B.S. in Sport & Recreation Management

This position is responsible for assisting with the development and implementation of a comprehensive NCAA Division I-FBS athletics compliance program. The primary responsibility of this position is to ascertain and manage all aspects of NCAA and initial eligibility requirements for all incoming prospective cadet-athletes and returning cadet-athletes. It is imperative to have a good understanding of military requirements that the cadet-athletes need to fulfill before they graduate and government policies and regulations that adhere to military personnel. Other responsibilities include (i) directing and managing coaches’ recruiting activities; (ii) investigating and creating required NCAA reports, waivers and appeals in areas assigned; (iii) managing and implementing all facets of compliance software program; (iv) researching and issuing accurate interpretations to coaches and staff; (v) creating monthly student-athlete and quarterly booster newsletters; (vi) maintaining and evaluating compliance website and social media accounts; and (vii) working effectively with a culturally diverse community and advancing the department’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Army West Point Athletics

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