STHM Aware and Declare Days

All Temple Students are invited…

March 28 | April 3
April 12

STHM Aware and Declare Days are information sessions at which current Temple students can explore STHM’s majors and learn about the programs.

Aware and Declare Days are a great opportunity for students interested in:

  • Changing Majors
  • Exploring Double-Majoring
  • Adding Minors and Certificates

Event Details

Dates: March 28- 9:00am | April 3- 10:00am | April 12- 12:00pm
Location: Speakman Hall 108 – 1810 North 13th Street – Philadelphia, PA 19122

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Current Class Level (Class level is determined by credits already earned. Freshmen = 0-30 credits, Sophomore = 31-59 credits, Junior = 61-89 credits, Senior = 90+ credits)

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