STHM 3425 | Sustainable Event Management | 3 Credits

The overall goal of the course is to better educate students about environmentally friendly initiatives in the industries of Tourism, Hospitality, Recreation, and Sport and provide them with the resources and tools to become socially responsible future leaders of each industry. Students will leave this course with knowledge of the tools and methods to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their use of eco-friendly products, materials, and services. The purpose of exposing students to environmental issues in Tourism, Hospitality, Recreation, and Sport is in hopes that they will become an agent of Green Change, not only in their respective industry, but through marketing and public relations practices that reach out to fans and guests across the globe. Throughout this course, students will learn through the text, practical scenarios from real-life case studies, handouts, industry professionals as guest speakers, and hands-on experience by researching, organizing, and planning an environmentally friendly event that will highlight the goals and objectives of this course as their final project. The purpose of the course is to lead students to become agents of Green Change in their respective industry, also giving students an advantage when graduating and entering into the workplace.