Optional Concentrations

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sport and Recreation Management program offers three dynamic concentrations:  (1) Governance and Policy (2) Sport and Recreation Promotion and (3) Event Leadership. To earn the concentration, students must complete three (3) courses within the particular concentration area, the capstone course, and Internship II in a position related to the chosen concentration.

Governance and Policy

Future leaders in sport and recreation must understand the structure and function of the complex organizations throughout public and private organizations, as well as professional and collegiate sport.

  • STHM 3215 Stadium/Arena Design & Management
  • STHM 3221 Athletics Administration
  • STHM 3222 Professional & International Sport
  • STHM 3225 Recreation & Leisure Service Management

Sport and Recreation Promotion

Marketing and promotions remains a critical topic in sport and recreation as organizations must find creative ways to generate revenue in an increasingly competitive environment.

This concentration will expose students to the various elements of marketing that are crucial in today’s sport and recreation industries, including sales, sponsorship, new media and communications strategies, and consumer research. The sport and recreation industry provides access to a wide variety of marketing and sales jobs so students should pursue one or more of these opportunities through their internship experience.

  • STHM 3224 Media & Communications in Sport & Recreation
  • STHM 3226 Consumer Behavior in Sport & Recreation
  • STHM 3227 Advanced Marketing for Sport & Recreation
  • STHM 3228 Sales Management in Sport & Recreation

Event Leadership

The sport and recreation industry is unique in that it brings participants, spectators, sponsors, and media together for a wide variety of events.

This concentration is for those students who are interested in the planning and execution of any events related to sport and recreation. Events range from road races, tournaments, and other participation-related events, professional and amateur sporting and leisure events, conferences, recreational events, festivals, and more. Students in this concentration are encouraged to find internships that focus on the development of these skills so that they are fully prepared to seamlessly adjust to working full-time for an event immediately upon graduation.

  • STHM 3412 Foundations of Event Leadership
  • STHM 3415 Meetings, Conference, & Convention Management
  • STHM 3425 Sustainable Event Management
  • STHM 3428 Event Marketing & Sponsorship